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We recognise that, sometimes, clients simply require commercial support, perhaps for the whole duration of a project or for a particular assignment. We are normally able to fulfil such requirements. However, what we are really about is helping clients to become less reliant on external commercial support by helping them to develop or improve their own commercial capabilities.

We think that our approach provides better value for money and if that means we become dispensable then we would consider that a great result!

Office Meeting

Often, however, it is only when a project becomes problematic that people reach out for additional commercial support. We can almost certainly assist in those circumstances and we would normally start by conducting a ‘project health check’ and produce an independent report of where the project is going commercially and recommend any key areas for improvement.


But we are not just report writers. We would then work with you in developing and delivering a commercial strategy to lead to project success. If as part of that commercial strategy we identify areas of additional entitlement, we can produce a high-quality fully particularised and evidenced claim that your client will have to take seriously. However, we would never overstate your entitlement or give false promises. We will simply tell you how it is.


Whatever commercial support we provide, we will always ensure that you are getting value-for-money. We normally work to pre-agreed hourly rates, which depend on the nature of the professional services being provided, plus reasonable expenses. We record our time in 15 minute increments (always rounded down) and apply the hourly rate pro-rata. Alternatively, we can perform tasks for a pre-agreed lump sum or on a 'no win no fee' basis for claims and disputes - we are happy to discuss all options. An initial consultation is always free so please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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